Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Children will listen

I found these lyrics over at Felecia's Blog. It just really hit home for me. It reminded me of how we are called to be an example to those around us, especially children. God sends us into the world to be lights, and as you can tell from the title of my blog, I believe that it means literally. We need to go into the world and show others the way to salvation. Children are very easily impressed and any actions we take or things that we say are going to leave a mark. Whether it is good or bad is your choice and responsibility.
Jesus says in Matthew 18 verse 6 that whoever causes one of these little ones to stumble it would be better for him to have a millstone hung about his neck and be flung into the sea. I don't know about you, but this makes me think that God is really serious about how we act.
So, now I will leave you to peruse this. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!


How do you say to your child in the night?
Nothing's all black, but then nothing's all white
How do you say it will all be all right
When you know that it might not be true?
What do you do?

Careful the things you say
Children will listen
Careful the things you do
Children will see and learn
Children may not obey, but children will listen
Children will look to you for which way to turn
To learn what to be
Careful before you say "Listen to me"
Children will listen

Careful the wish you make
Wishes are children
Careful the path they take
Wishes come true, not free
Careful the spell you cast
Not just on children
Sometimes the spell may last
Past what you can see
And turn against you
Careful the tale you tell
That is the spell
Children will listen

How can you say to a child who's in flight
"Don't slip away and I won't hold so tight"
What can you say that no matter how slight Won't be misunderstood
What do you leave to your child when you're dead?
Only whatever you put in it's head
Things that you're mother and father had said
Which were left to them too
Careful what you say
Children will listen
Careful you do it too
Children will see
And learn, oh guide them that step away
Children will glisten
Tample with what is true
And children will turn
If just to be free
Careful before you say
"Listen to me"

Children will listen .... children will listen .... children will listen!


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  2. Love the song! :D Glad you liked it so much as well - it is SO true! It especially is an impression for me since I am around little ones a lot ..... they learn from you so fast sometimes! Things you don't expect and all of the sudden, the same thing you did or said, is what they are following! wow... so important to remember!

    btw....I finally got a twitter account! srry it took forever! lol. :P

    Love ya tonz!

  3. Excellent point Sarah, and something we should always be remembering because while we may not have actually little children around us, we will always have "little children" in the faith that are watching our example.


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