Friday, July 31, 2009

Everyday goings-on!

And so the time goes by! I cannot believe how fast the weeks seem to pass. I honestly didn't realize that it had been so long since I'd last written!
No much has happened really. Days come and go, it is still very hot and humid and GOD IS GOOD!

Right now my Mom is preparing octopus for lunch... I have never had octopus, but everyone I have asked says that it is very tasty. Still, I would prefer to come to my own conclusion after I eat it. It makes me laugh to think of what I might have said three years ago if my Mom had told me that we were going to have octopus for lunch... very funny! I don't think that anyone in my family would have gone for it, me least of all! But now, I think that everyone except for Evie will eat it without comment (or at least without complaint. A favorite habbit of ours is to comment on the food; my Mom doesn't mind as long as all that we say is positive ;P ). Evie has never liked sea food. Oh well, that just means more for us!

The boys have been working on cutting wood for my Mom's new brick oven -- which, by the way, is now finished. It's sort of hard work, but it keeps them occupied and that means that I have some quiet time to, say, write a blog post!

Yesterday we went to a party for a friend's little boy. It was fun and it was only a few blocks from our house which means that we didn't have to worry about the distant storm clouds catching us on the way home! It was another pool party and the boys spent most of their time trying to climb a rope swing that was stationed above the pool. I think that Jessee holds the record, something that Caleb laments. He really takes pride in being the strongest boy. I wager he'll be doing push-ups for the next few days! Well, I might be exagerating a little bit, but it is true to some extent.

Alright, before I call it a day I want to share a passage in 1 John that I have found quite challenging these past few days:

1 John 3:5-9

You know that He appeared in order to take away sins, and in Him there is
no sin. No one who abides in Him sins; no who sins has seen Him or knows
Him. Little children, make sure no one deceives you; the one who practices
righteousness is rigthteous, just as He is righteous; the one who practices sin
is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son
of God appeared for this purpose: to destroy the works of the devil. No
one who is born of God practices sin because His seed abides in Him, and he
cannot sin because he is born of God.


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  2. OCTOPUS!?!?!?!?!? You KILL me! (Hides head under covers) I'll wash my hair with raw eggs ANY day, but EAT OCTOPUS!?!?!? (shivers and wipes beads of sweat from brow) Hmmm...I wonder if it's just "American Syndrome". Wouldn't be surprised. Everyone thinks we're stupid, anyways. (And I DON'T wonder why! lol) Now that I think about it...I might not actually die if I ate octopus...if I saw maybe 234 or so other people eat it without catastrophic affects...and if someone dared me to. LOL. AND if it were some delicacy dish in Russia. Then, of course, I would have to try it. Octopus or bust!:-)

    Glad you all had fun swimming...that's something we don't get to do enough of here. We don't have a pool:-(. The girls like to trot over to their neighborhood friend's house and use theirs...but I'm not quite so...well, I don't have a "neighborhood friend", just put it that way:-). You know how it is here...generally no one knows their neighbors except the kids! I hope Caleb is able to quickly resume his leadership status...I know there is no greater insult to a boy than being beaten in a rite of strength:-). That's ALL the guys talk about here! (Well...not quite ALL...)Connor would sent his salutations to Caleb if he knew I was writing to Caleb, from Connor!:-)

    Ach...which reminds me! I would really, really, REALLY love to see you when you come up, but very unfortunately, we are going to be exTREMEly busy just then! (sobs...really misses you, especially since we were only able to spend a couple hours with you last time:-( See, our church is having it's Camp meeting? Whatever you want to call it - we call it our Fellowship Meeting. It's a highlight of the year here - people from other congregations all over the US that we fellowship with come to the meeting and we host them in our homes and have meetings every night, and sometimes twice a day. This year is a real treat - my grandma, who was just saved in March, is going to come out and stay with us for the meeting - and she's staying for 10 days, Lord willing!

    So, you see, we'll be super busy preparing, planning, going to, and then recovering from the meeting. :-( It is very unfortunate that these two events should fall at the same time. But God knows! I'll be praying for your trip, and if you think of it, pray for our meeting, because I believe God is going to do incredible things. Felecia and I are very excited about it, and we're going to be fasting and praying, so we'd appreciate any extra supplication to God for the sake of lost souls!:-) And someday, someday soon, I shall see you again.

    Those verses that you chose were amazing! When you study them out in detail, it really opens up a completely new world of light. For here, it obviously states that a Christian cannot sin and be a Christian - and that goes against what so many religions are telling us today. So many believe that you can never achieve a sinless life - but they seem to miss these scriptures here! And I know alot of the problem stems from people confusing "sin" with "mistake". We ARE human, there is no doubt about that. And we shall make mistakes. But sin is not a mistake, according to the Bible - it is a willful transgression. And did not Christ come to save us FROM our sins? And aren't we to "be perfect, even as our Father in heaven is perfect"? And isn't it the desire of every true Christian to live a pure and holy life? I think this is so beautiful - we CAN have victory, complete victory! Isn't God SO good to us?

    Anyways, I think my comment is officially about to reach the character max...:-)Take care, and remember that I love you tons, Sister! :-)


    (earlier comment deleted by me. forgot to put name at the bottom. /-) LOL.)

  3. Hey Sara! I meant to leave a comment earlier but was having troubles with the page loading enough so I could write it! lol. :P Oh well! I'm writing one now! Hehe. =)

    Octopus?! Wow. Well, you will have to tell us how you liked it. Yeah, I guess like Nastya said it's an American syndrome! lol. But hey, all of us loved the fish and shrimp tacos when we were in Mexico - even super picky Nastya! Now THAT was something to be amazed by!!!! LOL.

    In answer to your question on my blog - yes, we saw practically gazillions of sea anemones! And no, you're not strange for liking them! They are really cool creatures! lol. :P And they also squirt out water when you push on them .... only thing, Nastya told me they die if you do that .... well, at least if they can't get more water. I did take some pix of them. Check out my photo blog - second post down, I have one up. Actually, the first time we went to B--- I leaned up against a rock, not realizing or else just not paying attention to the fact that the rock was covered in them - hence, half the backside of my skirt was er, uh, well - squirted with a hundred or so sea anemones! It was quite a joke! lol.

    Love the scriptures you chose! And totally agree with you and Nastya too. It's amazing how people think that Christ came to save us IN our sins instead of FROM our sins! God bless you as you continue to grow in Him and the truth of His word! Love ya tons! =)

  4. Okay, I don't plan on leaving, my dear! Just doing some rearranging/refreshing on my blog. Actually, I completely changed the name and everything, but yeah, I don't know that I am quite finished. :P

    Yeah, I totally understand about the being "lonely" with no comments! That's why I try to comment on other people's blogs often - I mean, hey - "do unto others as you'd have them do to you" can apply to all aspects of my life, right?! :)

    Lol, yeah, Adobe is pretty awesome. I'd like to download Picasa sometime too. Then, I'll REALLY have it made. Do you have Picasa? You know it's free to download.

    Well, I shall close here! Hope you're doing good! Misses you! :D


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