Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our New House!!

Welcome to our house!! Here is the "official" tour ;) !!

If you take a step through the front door, this is the first thing that you see. Welcome to my dad's shop! He is loving having all this new space and has already put it to good use!

This is where most of the men of the village spend their lunch hour now!

Standing in the doorway -- at the left side of the above picture -- you can see our table, part of the kitchen and just past the reach of the photo, beside the fridge, is located the door to our bathroom.
This is our new kitchen. I absolutely love the new setup and I actually enjoy cleaning the kitchen now that there are places for everything!
If you turned around and looked behind where I was standing when I took the picture of the kitchen, this is what you would see. Hi, Dad!

Here is the completed stair, though it is still missing part of the railing. My dad is working on that and it should be finished by the end of this week... or perhaps next :D !
Through the railing at the top of the stairs and looking into our living room...
The door pictured here is located directly to the right from the picture above. It leads to the upstairs balcony. This is our new "music corner" (the piano is under the black dust cover). It's much less dusty than where it was located before, for which I am heartily thankful!
Here's the back door. As of right now, it doesn't lead anywhere, although the brothers like to jump out as a short-cut to the pool.
This is my room... or couldn't you tell?! ;)

This picture was taken standing in the doorway of Seth and Jessee's room. The bed you see is Jessee's...
...and this one belongs to Seth. The cloth below is covering his iguana's cage (yes, he does have another iguana and a good sized one at that!). It was early in morning when I took the picture and Seth hadn't "awakened the iguana" yet.
If you could see all of the camoflauge decor that these boys have in their room you wouldn't believe it. Andrew and Caleb's room might not be the neatest all the time, but they do definitely have the most consistant theme! Caleb's bed is located above where I am taking the picture. The red bars are the bottom of the frame.
This is a picture of our yard off of the upstairs balcony. We are finally starting to get some green in the yard, thanks to Mom's hard work and dilligence! It's so nice to look and the flowers and stand in the shade of our "trees" that used to be 2 foot tall sticks! Awesome!
And there you have it! I hope that this post might give all of you a better idea of what our house looks like at present. Blessings! I hope to see you all around again soon!


  1. How awesome! It's so good to read you and your mom's posts again!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Have a blessed week!

  2. That is sooo awesome! :D Thanks for posting the pictures. Praise the Lord for what He has done. Your house looks so nice! Praying that God would bless you all with many opportunities to use it as a tool in ministering to the people there in Mexico.

  3. I ditto Daniel, That is so lovely and awesome and incredible! Love you guys!

  4. Wow! Varias diferencias desde que estuve ahi! Al fin pusieron las puertas. Les hacia falta.

    Gracias Sarah!

  5. Great to hear you're doing well! I love all the pics of the house. (:


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