Friday, April 11, 2008

One More Trip...

Our last trip to the States was one of our shorter, but it was also very blessed. As always we drove (we find I much more economical that way with all eight of us), and as always by the time we got across the border we were all wiped and more than a little tired of driving. I'd definatelly say that riding in the car with your 5 siblings is a big test of the patience God's gives. We were able to stay in a hotel for two days after which we had planned on heading back home, but God had other plans. While we were there we visited a church and were able to meet some very nice families. When the pastor of the church found out that we were leaving so soon because we didn't have a place to stay and the hotel was too expensive he immediatelly offered us his house. It was a real blessing to us and I hope to them also. We were also able to meet a family who goes to the church. They invited us for lunch and we were able to have a great time hanging out and sharing about our ministry here in Mexico. God also provided us with the money to buy several air-conditioners to use for a team that is coming this summer. The trip home was uneventful. Unfortunately, I came down with a really bad cold on the last leg, but really I'm just glad I didn't get it during our trip!! Funny thing though, you never realize how much you appreciate your own bed until you go on a trip!!

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