Friday, April 11, 2008

Two New Sisters

Okay, just recently we've had two new additons to our family, Karen and Mavil. For those of you who don't know, we originally met them through the ADAPT International School of Ministries (boy am I glad I don't have to say that more than once!) about two years ago. Since I was still very far from fluent in spanish that long ago, I really didn't get to know Karen until fairly recently and Mavil I've only gotten to know in the past 4 months. They're staying with us in a hope that we can help them to learn english (they both feel that their callings are in Africa, but first they must learn to speak English, if not fluently, enough to be able to communicate). Our room seems to be smaller with four people rather than just two, but... I think I'm surviving :)! It seems amazing how much God has been changing my outlook. I know that even a year ago I would have been nothing short of angry at having two girls I had barely met move in to my house and my room. But thanks to God's grace I have been changed through various circumstances (not the least of which was moving to Mexico) and am excited to see what God will do next! Both of the girls are faithful Christians and have beautiful servant spirits. God has richly blessed us all during the the three weeks they've been staying here (not to metion I've gotten to get the older sister's I've always wanted ;^) and I know He will continue to minister unto us during the next months in which they will be with us. Please if you could pray that God would be giving them the strength to learn English quickly, I know that with Him nothing is impossible!
All the praise and glory to the Most High!

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