Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mission Team

Just recently we had a mission team come down from California to work with our church. While they were here we did some outreaches, had some fun days of hanging out at the river, were able to include them in a volleyball tournament, went camping out by the river, and I experienced something new . Up till now it has usually been the case that when a team came from the States the pastor of our church would be the one to translate when they give their testimonies or when we go out and evangelize (he's American). Well, a few weeks ago when the team came down our pastor had to leave on a trip only halfway through their stay. This, of course, left our family as the only ones who spoke both English and Spanish (some of the members of the team spoke a little Spanish but not enough to give their testimonies in front of a lot of people). The Sunday after our pastor had left three of the team members were asked to share their testimonies with the church. They agreed readily, and my Dad and I offered to translate (he for the guys and I for the girls). God really blessed us in the translating and it all flowed smoothly. When we had finished with the service, my Dad came up to me and asked me if I would mind translating on Tuesday for the outreach we were going to be having in a nearby village. I said I'd pray about it, but inside I was panicking and imagining myself going blank up in front of 200 people (that's an exaggeration of numbers). Well, I prayed about it and felt like God was telling me to go for it, so I said I would. We had a blessed time ministering and evangelizing in the village. A few people recieved Christ and we're hoping will continue strong in the Lord. God gave me the words to say in the translating and, like always, was continuing to teach me to simply rely on Him in ALL things. It hasn't been an easy lesson but as it says in
Pillippians 1:6 - " And I am confident in this very thing, that He who began in you the good work will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ."
And I trust that He will!!
Here's the Send mission group that came down

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