Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ultimate Slug-Bug

In the States, as most of you know, Volkswagon quit manufacturing the old-style VW Bug (aka Herbie:^) in the late '70s. Here, however, the manufacturing of the Bug continued until about 2 years ago. Since the VW Bug is such an economical car (and Mexicans are all about saving money!) and since Bugs look good no matter what condition they're in, lots of local businesses, city police, and individuals use the VW Bug as their transportation. At this point most of you are probably saying, "Alright. So what?" But I'm just getting started...

Since there are so many Bugs crawling around the area -- and more so in bigger cities -- the game "Slug-Bug" is WAAAAY more fun! Recently, I was on a trip to Culiacan, and one of my friends and I decided it would be fun to play this popular travel game. Neither one of us had taken into account how many more VW Bugs there are here than in the States. Most of you have probably played Slug-Bug at least once in your life. I don't know about you, but whenever I've played, I usually got bored after 10 minutes of not seeing even one Bug. Here, however, you need not fear boredom! The only thing you need fear here is that your arm might be immobile the next day! My friend and I really got into this game when, after 10 minutes, we had seen more than 30! Of course, the next day I regretted having suggested the game in the first place, (my arm was not immobile, but was certainly sore!) but it was still a lot of fun!!!

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  1. i enjoyed myself here.will surely visit again.i am new at this so i need as much friends who wount mind checking my boring spot now and then.then may be i will post stuffs


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