Friday, June 20, 2008

New additions to the family Zoo

What do you get when you a put a large family with six kids who all like animals with a whole neighborhood full of kids who all know?? I'll tell you what, you get every kind of injured, sick, or just funky animal they can find!! Like, for example, a month or so ago someone brought us this funny looking duck that was really sick (there really wasn't much we could do for that one except find a nice peaceful place for it to die). Before that, we had a pelican with a broken wing and, oh, we can't forget the barn-swallow... Anyway, you get the picture. So, a few weeks ago some of the boys from Boca Del Rio brought us a baby dove (when I say baby I mean baby, it couldn't even fly yet). This wasn't such a big deal for us because we've had some experience with baby birds and knew what to do. We put him into a small wooden crate and there he lived... for two days, then we had another "gift" from the local boys; brother for Palomita (that's what I named him). Well, I knew that they couldn't stay in the little box for long. So, I made them a cage and offered to take responsablity for them. Mom said sure and so, now I have two little baby birds. Here's some pictures, enjoy!!!

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