Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Writing for God

I know I haven't ever done this before, but I thought it might be high-time to publish some of my writing on my blog. I don't write a lot and I don't see myself as an exceptionally gifted writer. But, when I get an insperation, I like to write it down. So, here's something I wrote about a year ago when I was on a mission trip in Puebla...


Here I am alone in my boat. The darkness closes in around me
I've already tied my anchor to the ship and put my life in the
hands of the captain, but through the fog I cannot see what I know
is there. I feel myself being pulled along, yet though I know I shan't
lose my way, I begin to doubt that the Captain cares. "What if he's
forgotten about me?" Whispers my mind. But in my heart I know
He hasn't. When I cry out to the Captain to tell me the course I recieve
no answer, but I know He hears. The boat is thrown by waves and the
the rain threatens to sink my small craft. I hold on begging the Capitain
to bring me aboard, yet I hear no response, merely the thunder and rain.
Then a voice creeps into my heart saying. "Would it not be easier to cut
the rope and steer your own course? What has this Captain done but
bring storms apon you?" I feel a knife placed into my hand and in my
mind I reason to comply, but my heart cries out, "No! Remember when
you placed your life in the hands of the Captain? He promised He would
bring you through." Then I remember my Captain. The tender look in
His eye as He lifted the rope gently from my hands and promised never
to lead me astray. In that moment I feel a strength and I throw the
knife into the sea declaring the I shall follow my Captain. So I follow,
looking forward to when we will arrive at port, where my Captain is
waiting. He never promised it would be easy, only that He would bring
me through. With this before me I continue to look forward, sometimes
catching glimpses of light from the ship, but always looking toward the
prize and believing that my Captain cares.

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