Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An end to camping

That went fast. I can't believe that my week of camping has already come and gone. We visited to Grand Canyon (WOW), went fishing (well, at least my brothers and Dad did) and just had some fun as a family! I don't know where the time went!! Well anyway, I had a blast. Nothing like a week in God's creation to wake you up. The weather was perfect, (and rainy :D) though I might have been able to pass on the dryness. I mean, the skin on my arms was starting to peel it was so dry!! But no more. As of right now I'm in Kansas with my Grandparents and will be for the next two weeks. My family is staying at the campsite for one more night and will then be moving to another campsite in Tucson, AZ. It's wierd going from one extreme to another (you know, from big gang to two people). I offered to make supper for my grandparents this evening, but I told my grandma that I might have a hard time making it for so few people! My trip here was uneventful (they drove and I slept ;). There was little to no talking (can't say I'm complaining, but it can get kind of boring), but still, the trip ended and here I am. Alright, I got to go. God bless you all and ho0pefully I'll catch you later.
In Christ~

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