Saturday, July 5, 2008

Prayer Requests

Hey everyone!! These are some things in my life, and the life of my family, that need prayer. If you guys would pray for these things I would appreciate it. Thank you!

  • That our house in Oregon would sell. (We bought it as an investment a little over two years ago. Right before the market crashed).
  • That our trip to the States would go smoothly and that God would provide according to HIS abundance.
  • That God would give me more faith to believe in His promises.
  • That Jessee's cut on his face would heal up quickly.
  • For the new girls' class I've started and that God would give me wisdom to direct and teach these girls.
  • For protection over this house while we're are gone.
  • For the youth group we're trying to start in Boca del Rio.
  • For the Youth Center we've been able to start building. That God would provide the funds necessary to finish.
  • For another missionary family nearby that's going through some hard times.
  • For our church in general.
  • For the community, that God would be bringing revival to their hearts.
  • That God will would be done no matter what the outcome.
  • A new van for us. Our old van is experiencing lots of breakdowns and various problems.

Thank you for your prayers and I'm glad you had the chance to stop by. Have a blessed day!!

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