Sunday, September 14, 2008

French again!

French exam scores are finally in... I didn't do as well as I wanted to, but I did alright. I got a high A in everthing but translation... I got a C+ in that one... it was my spelling, totally atrocious!
So, school is finally back on... including French! I'm actually glad in a way, one can get kind of stir-crazy with nothing to do. One really neat thing about my French class is that (at least for a few weeks) our teacher has a friend visiting from France. Practice, yes!!!!!!! Oh, but it's soooo much easier on paper!
In Christ~


  1. Aww, that's too bad. I hope you do better next time, dear. I would like to learn french, but I think I will next year. This year we're learning Spanish, which I am sure you already have down. :P

    You know...I had a dream last night I came to visit you. Weird... lol :)


  2. Hey Sara! In reply to your question - how long have I been working at the hospital? Well, I have been working there as a volunteer since, I think late March ... so around 6 mos. Ya, it is an interesting job. As far as needles go ... well, I work in Day Surgery and so far I haven't had much to deal with needles! LOL! :P Not that I probably WON'T, but ... anyways. That is really great that you guys home-school and lived in the country. We kind of live in the country too. How do you like Mexico? Why did you move there, if you don't mind my asking? TTYL!

  3. Now, Sarah, you really should cut yourself some slack! Keep in mind that you are translating from French to Spanish! I think that scoring a B+ on an French/Spanish exam is pretty good for a gringa! I'm proud of you, Honey!!!

  4. Thanks Mom, but I think you're biased!! lol. Luv Ya!!


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