Monday, September 29, 2008

Tuesday Evening "Convivio" (fellowship)

Last Tuesday we had a big "party" over at our house! We had a great time hanging out and having fun. There were about 20 people in all.... it's funny how it works in Mexico. You don't invite only one family and expect for them to be the only ones who come. You invite the family and then expect to see AT LEAST two extra if not more like five. The custom is for the people who come to bring something like a 2 liter of soda or some fish (if you live in a fishing villiage). It takes a bit to get used to, but you have to get used to it or be frustrated all the time!
For this particular get together we had five or six people more than who we had invited, but no problem. We had Seviche and they brought more fish to add to it. For those of you who do not know what Seviche is I'll explain... It is baically a fish coctail (if you're interested read about it inmy post Recipe for Seviche) . It contains tomato, onion, cucumber, salt, a salsa called "Guichol", lime and fish. It is sooooo good. I was a little worried about trying it the first time because it is raw fish, but after making it myself I saw that the lime actually cooks the fish, wierd huh?! Anyway, we had a great time swimming and talking. I'd say that these get-togethers are one of the neatest things about living here in Mexico. It reminds me of the cell-group we used to be part of in Oregon... Sigh... I love looking back on fun times!!!
(Hasiel listening to Andrew's tape-player, isn't he cute!)
(This is our pool. It was a gift from a friend and has served as a great ministry tool and a place to cool off... Funny, all of my friends' blogs are talking about "settling in for the winter" for us we still have to use fans in order to sleep at night!)
(Braulio and his wife Pily)
(Evie playing with Madai-- pronounced Mad-i-ee -- she's Braulio and Pily's little girl)

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  1. I'm so glad you all had a lovely time. Very interesting about the inviting families! lol :)


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