Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Birthday in Mexico-- the complete story

Hey everyone!! I know that I said that I wasn't going to write, but I couldn't help it when I realized that I hadn't written anything about how I celebrated my birthday.

On Sunday morning I got up (still with a cough and stuffed-up nose) and got ready for church. My family sang me the birthday song (in English and Spanish-- though the Spanish one is much longer), wished me a good day and sent me off to church with my two youngest siblings. Wait. There is something wrong with that picture, isn't there?
Well, it turned out that everyone else was sick. Okay, so I go to church by myself.

Now, according to the tradition of our church, you get wet on your birthday. I don't know who started that particular tradition, but there it is. Luckily they had compassion on me because I was still dealing with a cold. Whew!

After church I was invited to a party for the co-pastor's daughter (her birthday is the same day as mine, she turned two) at four. So, I stayed and helped Pily (her Mom) prepare stuff for the party. By the time four came around we headed down to the place where they were going to have the party. Only one problem, no one was there. Honestly, you have to know Mexican culture to truly understand how everything works here. If you say 2 o'clock, expect everyone to arrive at three. That's just how it is!

Anyway, after the party Karen-- pronounced; CAR-en, she's one of my best friends-- and I went back to my house. When we walked in the door I was pleasantly surprised to see that my Dad and siblings had decorated the house with ribbons. Awww, isn't that sweet!

Of course, I opened the presents first (apparently my brothers had been staring at them all day long =) ).
In case you wanted to know-- my Mom and Dad got me a new matress, YES! my brothers all got together and bought me a cellphone (my last on took a bath in the river =( ), Evie bought me a notebook and finally my Dad bought me a new CD by David Crowder Band called Remedy! I was vastly content!

For dinner-- It was much the same as anything that I ever did in the States; we had kiesh-- a French dish made up of eggs, meat (any kind) and veggies all mixed together and baked in a pie-crust-- and cheesecake. Yummmm!!!! I love cheesecake!!!

After dinner we all sat down and put in Sense and Sensibilty-- much to the dismay of my brothers. Karen and I both share a facination with anything by Jane Austen. I love all of her books and the movies aren't too bad either!

When everyone had gone to bad Karen and I stayed up to an ungodly hour talking and talking and talking and talking. You should hear us when we get going-- actually, you might not understand because we both talk in Spanish, lol!!

And so passsed my sweet 16!! I like small parties! Besides, last year we did the huge thing for my Quince AƱos.
Wow, I can't believe that I am 16!! When did that happen!

Now I am really not going to write anymore (unless I decide to :P )!


  1. Oh I'm sorry you're all sick, and on your birthday. Eww. I hope you feel better soon! It sounds like you had a lovely day! I'm so glad! :)

  2. Hope you had an awesome b-day even though you were sick and that ya'll are doing better now! You and your friend sound like me and Chelsea (Nastya). When we stay the night together we could talk for HOURS on end!!! lol. :P Good times, that is for sure! Anyways. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers - thankful that someone is thinking about me and cares!!! :D I pray for you often too! Merry Christmas!!!! :)

    Your friend from CA

  3. the big year was LAST year, eh? Hmmm...well, I'm glad I had an extra year to "fool" around! Actually, I wish we could make 20 the big age, don't you? Or better yet, NEVER have to take on all those responsibilities! But then, I think we'd miss out on alot. I mean, you'd never experience success. ANd you'd never get that wonderful feeling when you know you've done right and you can be satisfied with yourself. Being "good" would never mean as much if it didn't take effort. So I guess responsibility isn't ALL that bad.

    So you're crashing too, eh? How did finals go? Yeah this week - and last week - AND the week before - have been nonstop. Last Saturday I told someone, "Guess what? I only have 7 more events to go!!!" She looked at me, amazed. "7? Until Christmas?" "No," I laughed, "until next Saturday!" So, you see, I can sympathize. I wonder why Christmas has to be such a rush, when really, we should take it to relax, slow down, and prepare ourselves and plan for the next year. Isn't that REALLY what it should be? Sounds ideal to me! I'm done with rush! (Actually I'm not...not until Monday, when we wake up at 4 AM and head down to AZ for Christmas - THEN I can start breathing peacefully!)

    Yes, the play was great. It was really cute:-) I have videos, so maybe after we get back from our vacation, I can post a couple. It was really cute - my 6'1" brother was a wise man along with 3 tiny little guys all about a foot and a half tall. They looked so cute walking to the manger...Connor looked like he was a mother duck or something, with the three little guys in their costumes trailing behind him!:-)Yes, it was just another thing to stress about, so now that it's over, I can start stressing about other things:-)

    Yes, caroling was great - thats a blog post I haven't gotten around to yet...Thanks for the "professional" compliment!! You don't know, but "professional" is my favorite! Compliments don't get much better than that!:-) Thanks a heap:-)

    Well, my dear, take care! I wish you the best for the holiday season! Take care and relax! Enjoy yourself!

    Much Love and a Merry Christmas,

  4. I KNEW that I'd forgotten something! My comment was just too short!:-)

    Yes, the harp is quite an instrument to haul around - my dad does it most of the time. My harp is almost as big as they get - it's a semi grand, and the concert grand has only one more string and a larger soundboard. But it's the best. I love the sound of a big harp. I love it! And so does everyone that listens:-)

    Presents are done? Congrats! Yeah, I'm totally a "do-it-myself" person. I even make my own Christmas cards most of the time. But this year I just barely have the time to write Christmas cards, let alone make them! I'm sure your family will be thrilled with the gifts. I have to admit, sheepishly, that we siblings don't usually exchange gifts. I know, it's really bad. But we don't have any kind of money, so usually my parents do the buying. But we COULD make things for each other. I'd better start doing that:-(

    So you embroider? I've never tried that, but I love to knit. My specialty is a gigantic, loosely knit scarf that's about a foot and a half wide and six feet long with tassels on each end. Of course they're a little impractical to wear, but after I gave one as a gift, people were begging me to make one for them. I never actually got around to making one for myself (actually, about half of them were originally for me, but I'm the type that can't seem to hold on to my own projects).

    Yep, I have a boy! lol. There are four of us all together - I'm the eldest, Connor is 14, Evangeline is 11, and Grace is 9. I love having siblings. I mean, if there are always 20 people at your house, you have a continual party, right? Things certainly don't get dull easily around here! Sounds like you're in the same predicament - aren't there, like 6 of you? And you're the eldest? I really enjoy being "the boss" - I'm naturally of the leading type, so my siblings REALLY suffer! lol. Nah, we love each other. I'm closest to my brother. He's a brat, but I love him anyways:-).

    Installing windows, eh? That sounds potentially interesting! I know precisely what you mean when you talk about the "empty pockets". My dad is self employed, and right now we just aren't too wealthy. But we've made it so far, and God just keeps on providing. And I totally stand behind you in the credit card business. Never! Several of my friends have credit cards, and I feel for them. They're definitely not off to a splendid start, putting stuff on credit at 16!

    Well, take care, my dear, and have a wonderful week! You're in my prayers!


    P.S. I've emailed you the other half of my comment:-)

  5. Hey just to let you know I left a comment in reply to yours on my blog and sent you and email! :P Sending my love across the miles!!!

  6. I'm so glad you had a great birthday!! It sounds like it was a lot of fun despite your cold :) Happy sweet 16!!

    RYC: I have consider SSA, but right now I don't really have enough time to devote to it and I'm afraid I would not do enough for my SSA! It sounds fun though. I did it once a long time ago with a group and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for asking!

  7. P.S. Thanks for fixing this so I can comment again! :)

  8. It was nice to hear from you Sarah. I hear you're keeping busy. May God bless you, dear!

  9. Well, happy (late) birthday! Sounds like fun! Small party's can be lots of fun!
    Just wait a little longer, a few more years and I think your brothers will appreciate the Jane Austen films a little more. My four older brothers used to say they would never watch those movie but now that they are all in the late teens, early twenties they never fuss when we watch those movies and they know lots of the lines from them and will talk about them with me now! It's great!It can be really funny what guys notice in those movies! lol
    Thanks for your comment!
    Love in Christ,

  10. Brooke: I was missing you commenting. I was glad to find out why and to finally see you again!
    Blessings and a merry Christmas!

  11. Sarah,

    Hope you are doing well! Did you have a good Christmas?

    Praying for you!
    Your SSA

  12. Happy New Year's! :) May God bless you abundantly this year.

    Thanks for entering in the Winter Bundle Giveaways!

    Miss Jocelyn


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