Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pictures and other fun stuff...

Hello, everyone!! I am sorry that I have been out of contact for a bit, duty called!! I can't always live on my blog, I have to fulfill my responsibilities in everyday life as well. I tell my Mom that with all the things I have to get done on the computer every day I could spend all day typing and still not finish!!
To all of my Blogger buddies, I will try and get back to your comments. I do still love you guys!!

Life has been busy this past week. Final exams are coming up on French and I am in a frenzy to be as prepared as I can. I can't believe that it's already the 11th. Where did this year go??!!

I have been horrid sick all week. I suppose it was good to get it out of the way now so as not to get it later, but NO FUN!! It's like one of those colds that gets you and just gets worse and worse. For me this is the worst kind because I can't sing with a sore throat and I basically live by singing all the time!! That might sound like an over-exaggeration, but it is true.

This past week we have also been working on our house. I know, I know, Christmas-time is not usually when you tear your house apart, but someone sent us a gift and we wanted to put it to use. I can't wait for the project to be finished, it will look so nice!! When I can get the pictures uploaded onto the computer I will publish a few in a post.

So, for now I have decided to just post some pictures. I know it has been awhile since I've done so. Sorry, flakiness on my part, but this wrong can be righted. Here ya go!!


These are some wonderful cows that I made for a friend. She is going to put them on her front gates. Now, I personally don't like cows very much, but I think that these are cute-- that doesn't mean that I would put them on my gates!!!



This is called "Sarah didn't realize the paint was oil-based so she tried to scrub out the paint pan with her hands". You think that this is bad? You should have seen my hands half an hour before the picture was taken. Yikes!!
Have you ever had one of those kind of days?


Pizza time!! This is Mom's and my specialty. Yummm!!!! If you come down and visit us I'll even make some special for you, deal?


Boys will do as boys will do, no? I don't know if they ever actually made something out of the pieces. I don't think so, I think the fun for them was all in the disassembly of the motors!


This is Caleb's old robot. I don't know if it works or not (I should say worked, it is in pieces upstairs now)


Puppies and kittens!! I love animals! We have gotten rid of all bu three of them now. Can't say I was extremely sorry to see them go, they are a lot of work and I can't stand chewed-up things strew all over the yard.


Caleb and I on one of the rare occasions that I got him to play with me ( :P )!


This was an Agape dinner (potluck) that we had a few weeks ago at our church. To find out more about the potluck turned water fight Click HERE and read about it on our Family blog.

Thanks for reading about what's going on my side of the world! I would love to hear back from you!

Blessings to all of you!
In Christ~


  1. Sarah Jane,

    Hi!! I am your SSA for this session! Sorry it has taken me so long to write; I couldn't figure out how to comment without giving away my idenitity. Now I've got it. :)

    I have still been praying for you and your familys work in Mexico.

    Have a great weekend!

    Your SSA

  2. Hello sista!! I was wondering where you were!! Jk, I mean, I was, but not THAT much!! :P

    So, you are my SSA, hmmmmm... my brain is already hard at work guessing at who you are. Unfortunatelly it isn't all that easy for me to do so. Oh well, even if I don't figure it out that's not half so much fun as getting to know the other person!!

    So, I will be here again should you decide to comment!!

    Blessings, SSA!
    ~Miss Sarah Jean

  3. Ok, ok, I did, I did! Not one, but TWO new posts! Head over yourself and feast your eyes upon this great wonder:-P.

    CUTE cows, Sarah! I don't know why, but I've always loved cows. (Er, minus the odor they create). And yours are adorable! You're an excellent painter. They look like they'd belong in a manger scene this time of year:-). Sorry about the paint...I've had that happen before. Wait until you get it in your hair! That is the worst. You are forced to go around looking like you have grey hair for weeks!

    I love all of the pictures. Your house is fascinating. The brick walls look so different from what we have here! I really liked the one of your "jam session of two And you DO actually eat pizza in Mexico? lol:-)And drink from bottles that say "Sprite" on them?? Lol jk.

    Good! I'm glad we can agree upon the sin thing. To me, that is so special - because if we can agree on that, nothing else really matters. We can be countries away from each other - but if I know you are doing your best and I am doing the same, we can have fellowship and I can call you my sister. Isn't that just beautiful? I think so many people make things so much more complicated than they were meant to be. Consequently, they miss the biggest blessing God has to offer - fellowship. My heart and prayers to you, sistah!:-) you're the youngest? That must be tough! It's the other way around here - I'm one of the oldest of my friends. I generally hang out with folks younger than myself. I guess that makes me immature and you super mature! Lol....oh well, I try:-). But your right, once you "grow up", it doesn't matter so much.

    "Don't get caught worrying, God can do that for you and it's just a waste of time!!" Ahh...thank you, sistah! I REALLY needed that! I think you'll understand after you read what I just posted! LOL. Thanks a heap. Stay blessed!


  4. ooooh! I am soo on my way to warm weather and pizza with you! Then when we are done you can teach me to play the guitar! Deal? :)
    that agape dinner looks good too! yum you are making me hungry! :)
    Miss Amanda
    The Daily Planet

  5. Feliz Birthday, Sarah!!!

    I did NOT hijack your blog...although I was sorely tempted!! I did the next best thing. Everyone, head over to my blog to see a baby picture of Miss Sarah Jean!!!

    My next stop is Jocelyn's blog and then I think I might head to Amanda's and then maybe Nastya's and then...
    Love you, Sweetie!!! ;^)

  6. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Or, in my language, Дном Ражденя! (dnom rajhdenya):-) Best wishes to you in the year ahead! 16 is big! Do you feel it?:-) I know exactly what you mean when you speak of the "crashing into oldness" factor. I remember the night before I turned 16 - I couldn't grasp the fact that tomorrow I would be so much older! I think at our age it's more dramatic - especially at 16, because that's the age where childhood officially ends and adulthood begins. Hang in there - you'll catch on after a couple years:-P. It's actually kinda fun once you get used to it. Sure, you might miss being a kid - but when you're 16, you don't have too much time to spend wishing:-).

    So you're a December baby? Lucky you! December is my absolute favoritest month of the year! I've often wished that I could have been born in winter. But I'm stuck a spring baby. Although I'm at the beginning of March, so it's still technically winter...I'm gonna be 18!!! Swallow that one! And I thought 16 was bad! lol I was talking to Felecia the other day and we were discussing some of the older girls who are dating. We were estimating what year the wedding(s) would take place, and the conversation was going something like..."Ok, the pastor wants them to go out for a year before they decide to get that means they could get married in 2011. 2 that would mean we would be 20." I gasp and give Felecia a blank stare. "Felecia..." I whisper in consternation, "We are almost 20!" Now THAT'S way too big for me to comprehend! I guess that's why God tells us to take it one day at a time! WHEW! lol.

    Oh, and I wanted to ask - how do you celebrate your birthdays down there? Are you throwing party? Whats the traditional way to celebrate in Mexico?

    Ah..the silliness factor. I think teenagers all are plagued with it to a certain extent. I really try to keep it under control, but sometimes when Felecia and I are getting together and we're really'm sure you understand:-)Even with your high maturity level:-P.

    I know, December has come SO quickly! Tonite we are having the church play that we have rehearsed and planned for for so long. My mom is the director, and it's called "Christmas Comes to Ernie". It's the true story of a crabby old man in Canada who gives his heart to God on Christmas Eve. Just maybe I might be able to post some video clips or pictures of it. It's really cute, and alot of fun! sprite remains Sprite, even in Mexico? Wow, soda has certainly made itself a name! Or I should say, America has made itself a soda! Our family hardly ever drinks the stuff. My mom is a health nut, so we hardly ever had it growing up. Now I don't even like it! Soda, to me, is nasty. But my father LOVES a soda! I'll stick with water. But that all changes when we start talking pizza!:-)What's your favorite beverage?

    Lastly, Sis, you and your final are in my prayers! Believe me, I know EXACTLY how you feel! It's nerve wracking, no matter how hard you study! I'm sure you'll do fine! So are you taking French at an actual school, or what? Anyways,take care!


    P.S. Aw you're so sweet, you're a great writer too!

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah - you probably don't know me, but I have been reading your blog for awhile and thought your birthday would be a nice time for me to introduce myself :)

  8. Sarah,

    I am soooo sorry that I typed your name wrong!!! I can't believe I didn't catch that when I read through it!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you had a great day!

    Anyway, I have just joined the SSA 'group', so you have no chance of figuring out who I am. :)

    So, is it better that I don't send you any type of package, or only on a rare occation?

    Love and Blessings,
    Your SSA

  9. Happy Birthday dear Sarah! I hope your birthday was splendid. It shouldn't be quite over yet where you are, but sorry I'm late. I had made a mental note to stop by earlier, but was unable to.

    You are blessed and you continually bless others. Thank you for your friendship and your love!


  10. Hey, Everyone! Thank you so much for your comments, they are appreciated!!

    SSA: Do not worry about having mistyped my name, I actually like the name Jane, so it wasn't taken badly!
    If you would like to send me a package I would love it, just not perishable (is that spelled right?) things.
    Thank you for you comment!

  11. Happy Birthday Sarah .. Can't believe you're 16 already !!!!!!!!!!!!You have grown to be such a beautiful young lady in the Lord!
    Enjoy your teen years they go by so fast.... So what's the plans for your birthday?

    Love you gurl,

  12. Happy Birthday! I just wanted to drop by and say hello and let ya know I'm praying for you sister!


  13. Happy sweet 16th!!!! :D Hope you have a great one and are feeling better! Best wishes for your "new year"!!!! Sorry I haven't been that great on commenting! :P We've been SOOO busy! We were a part of the play that Nastya mentioned her mom was doing, so we were busy with that but it went well, thanks to God! Hope your finals went/go well! I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you so check out my blog for the details when you get a chance. Anyways. Till next time, have an awesome week! I pray for you often! Stay encouraged!!!!!!!!!!!! :D



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