Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finally here!!!

To whom it may concern:
We are finally in the States!!! It seems like so long ago that we were here last; then again I feel like the time has passed so fast. Have you ever felt like that? Somewhere in the middle... that's me!!

Anyhow, We got here (that would be Tucson, AZ) a few hours ago and since the house we are staying at has WIFI (wooooow) I just couldn't stay away (the computer is like metal and I am a magnet =D ).

Our trip was, thanks to the mercy and grace of God, long but uneventful. We left the house at about 3am (I think that the most sleep any of us got was 4 hours) and began our drive!
I tried to sleep in the back of the van (we took out two of the seats and made a kind of bed) but I am the kind of person who once I am up, I am up, no turning back! So I let my Mom lay in the back and I sat up in the front to keep my Dad awake (very important job).
After that, everything was pretty much boring. We (the kids) played a game of Killer Bunnies (check out what it is: and then took turns sleeping.

As a closing note to this post (I am wiped and I am going to bed in 15 seconds, as soon as I publish) I just wanted to say that I cannot wait to see all of you!! I know that some of you I have never met and I might not even meet you on this trip. Still, if you are on our route and have a desire to meet us, just send a note. I love meeting new people!!!!
I will update my blog with a list of the place we are going to be staying (not right this second, obviously, but soon).
Until such a time, blessings!

Praises and Prayers:

Praise that we made it here safely
Praise for the family that was willing to open their home to us
Prayer: we found out at the border that we have to get passports for all of us kids before our next trip out of Mexico
Praise that the trip was not overly stressful
Praise that no one in our family is sick
Prayer for my Dad who is going to share at church tomorrow
Prayer that God would use me to bless others in any way I can


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