Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Schedule

I so lied!! I couldn't resist just finishing up tonight!!

Here is our "penciled-in" schedule for our time in the US (note -- this is where we'll be physically, not a list of speaking engagements! If you're in the area, consider this your official invitation to come and see us!) :

*Sunday, January 18 -- Saguaro Canyon EFC, Tucson AZ
*Sunday, January 25 -- Woodland Bible Church, Woodland CA
*Wednesday, January 28 -- somewhere in Chico CA
*Sunday, February 1 -- Restoration Life Church, Sacramento CA
*Sunday, February 8 -- New Hope EFC, Winston OR -- New Hope is planning a "Mexican Food Potluck" for that Sunday after church. If you're one of our friends in the Roseburg area, please stop by the church about 12:30pm. Bring a covered dish to share and plan to spend some time fellowshipping. Our time in Oregon is limited and this may be the only "social event" we get to attend!
*Monday, February 9 -- Portland OR
*(tentatively) Saturday, February 14 -- Centralia WA.
*After that, it gets a little sketchy, so if you're farther north, sorry we can't be more specific! Get in touch with us via email so we can make more definite plans!

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  1. Hey Sarah!

    I hope you are having an enjoyable visit to the states! I do wish you were close to us so I could meet you. I hope you'll have a blessed time.



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