Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy Report

Hello again readers!  How are you all doing?
I am doing great.  I have now completed my first week here at the deaf school and I think that I have finally been here long enough to pass my judgement... drum roll please... the verdict is that it's a wonderful place!  I am still not sure if I like the whole get up at six thing, but that's just my flesh, so I am not too worried!

My week has passed quite eventfully.  I have had just enough stuff to do without feeling like it's overwhelming and enough sleep that I usually make it through the day with an hour nap.  That's another thing that I  have really learned to appreciate here; naps.   I remember my Mom always telling me that when I had kids of my own I would understand why she always took naps.  I suppose that I just thought she was less able to bear with the stress of the day than I was, now I realize that a nap is really the only way to make it through the day when you have to watch kids!  Last night all of the late nights caught up with me and I went to bed "early" (at nine).  You might exclaim at that, but keep in mind that the kids don't go to bed until 8:30pm so if you want quiet time you have to take it then... I, however, valued a nice prayer time and sleep above time without kids, so I went to bed.

Now I suppose that I should tell you something funny that happened, though I would almost prefer not to share it since it incriminates myself and will probably be something that I will never live down... still, "Why do we live but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn," (Mr. Bennet, Pride and Prejudice)... here goes nothing!

Yesterday I was wandering around after having spent half an hour or so playing my guitar when I entered the kitchen and found Michelle (wife of David, and co-director of school) getting stuff out of the freezer.  I, being the person that I am, asked if there was anything that I could help with.  She said that I could make the milkshakes to go with super, if I so desired.  I said sure and got right to work getting out all of the ingredients I might need. 

When I had gotten out the fruit and the milk and all that other fun stuff and was blending the first pitcher-full (for our group you have to make at least four pitchers... And I thought that our family drank a lot!), Christy came in and offered her help.  I agreed and we got to work scooping and pouring and blending and pouring.  All went well... until that fateful moment....

Christy walked outside for a moment to grab something (can't remember what), while I finished blending what was already in the blender.  I had just taken the lid off and was trying to get the blender off the base (first mistake) when it happened... My hand bumped the "blend" button and WHIZZZ! the blender came to life, spraying blueberry milkshake all over me and the kitchen!!  Christy came in just in time to see the accident happen.  Once I had turned the blender off I just stood there, not sure whether to laugh or get upset.  Laughter finally won out and I was joined by Christy (who, btw, had used that time to grab her camera and get a picture... I'll think about whether or not to upload it)!!

So, this is my story for the week.  It's not the only thing that has happened, but for now it's the only thing that I have time to write!  Talk to you all soon!


  1. Wow! How funny! I know Nastya has had, ahem, similar experiences! :P Sometimes all you can do is laugh! lol.

    Glad you are doing well there! And thanks for the compliments of me in my dress! :P Yeah, it was fun ... and yes, it wasn't TOO bad having people talk about you! lol. No, it was great and everyone was so thoughtful!

  2. Thanks Sarah, that brought smiles to my face!!! =)Hey, guess what?? i finally got my permit today!! My daddy even took me driving!! ( well, if you count cruising in a parking lot driving!!=)

  3. Glad you're doing well and, having fun?! We used to have a blender that didn't even have a cover so we'd have to hold a lid or something on it real tight while it blended... and, well, I was glad when we got a new one!

    God bless!

  4. Hey thanks for the comment! Yeah, we totally had a good time in Mexico. "Nastya" *-* says she could live there. I know, it would be fun if we could come visit you....how far away are you from Ensenada? Fish tacos were awesome! If Nastya likes them, almost anyone would like them!!! :P

    Yeah, I know calling Nastya by her real name does defeat the purpose - she has complained so to me before ... and that's why I've been trying to use just that name and not her real name ... BUT at my recent grad party, we did a game with questions about me to see how well people knew me. One was who was my best friend. I put her real name and just did think to put /Nastya. I had some cousins come that I don't see a whole lot and later I read their answers and they had put "Nastya" as my best friend then crossed if off 'cause they thought they got it wrong ... they didn't know! So I felt kind of bad! That's the only reason I did that! lol. :P Just thought I'd explain! hehe.

    Btw....I have more pix and update up of our trip to Mexico on my blog and pix of the beach at my "For The Moment" blog if you want to see! :D Miss you! ((HUGS))


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