Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pictures from deaf school

Hello everyone!! I hope that this finds you all quite well and strong in the Lord. I know that it has taken me forever to get back on here to update you all... but it really couldn't be helped. Since I have been gone for awhile it is going to take me a few posts to get caught up to the present, but I am hoping for an uneventful week ahead in which to write several posts. Let's hope and pray that it works out!

This first post is going to be mostly just pictures with captions, but as they (don't ask me who "they" is; I have no clue) say, "a picture is worth a thousand words". So, every time you see a picture just imagine that I wrote a thousand words!


Aren't they all the sweetest looking kids! They really are! This is on the way to church in the Bonsels' SUV. I think that they have us beat on the number of kids that they fit in that vehicle. I think that the final count on Sunday was 20. That's the kids and adults all added together.

Ahh... the boys playing with their tops. They did this every opportunity that they could get. Every afternoon one of us (the girls volunteering at the school) would take the kids out the park to play and burn off excess energy. It didn't always work, but it did help!

This is Jenna (blue dress and bangs), Teresa (red shirt) and Petra. Petra has been working at the school for three years. Teresa has been working there for 8 months and Jenna arrived the day after I did-- she stayed until the first week of July. Christy is the other girl who was volunteering at the school. She had been there for three months.

Estefania and Brian! Aren't they so cute!

Tops again!

This was at a birthday party we went to for a friends mom. We had a great time hanging out with everyone. Christy (the girl who I said was working at the school) is the one in the red dress.

Everyone looks so tired in this picture! We were on our way back to the school after the party.


Proof that I was there!

Making lunch. We had BLTs. Very yummy!

The school itself is set up in two buildings. One is the actual school and the other is the home of the Bonsells and about 20 other children. The main job of the staff working at the school is to take care of the children before and after classes. My job was to help out in the school in the mornings and then in the afternoons Christy, Jenna and I rotated the rest of the jobs amongst ourselves (bathing the kids in the evening, supervising naptime, taking the kids out to the park, preparing meals, etc.).

In conclusion, I must say that I had a great two weeks at the deaf school. It was a dificult schedule, but I think that I benefited from it. I enjoyed working with the kids and the ladies that I had the priviledge of working alongside were a wonderful encouragement to me. I already miss everyone I met there and am hoping to be able to return soon, Lord willing. I am praying about it!

Alright, now I need to go. God bless you all!


  1. Looks like you had a great time Sarah! I loved seeing all the photos - and the one of you. lol

  2. Wow! That must've been an amazing experience! So one question, do the kids actually live there or what? The way you put it, it sounded like it was a school that they live at but maybe I just misunderstood? How neat!

  3. Hello, Yochana Dearest!

    Can you really believe it? I am actually COMMENTING on your blog! Am I really doing this? (looks around with lost expression)Wow - it's been so long, that I think I am actually speechless! But don't worry - I think I'll get over THAT problem pretty quickly:-).

    Aww...I LOVE the pictures! I so envy you! It looks like so much fun! The kids are so darling, I just want to kiss them all! Ah...maybe someday, when I have an orphanage all of my own:-). I'm so glad you had that opportunity - what a privilege!

    Alright, dear, now for MY trip to Mexico. To be frank, I have fallen hopelessly in love with your country. I loved every moment of our visit, from the moment we crossed the border to the minute we returned. It was extremely hard to leave - it felt like you were leaving a part of you behind. Like Felecia said, I could so live there! As one of our chaperons put it, "Mexico is just one of those places that makes you begin to plan your next trip there before you've even left!" Felecia's so good about posting and keeping everyone informed on our whereabouts (I depend on that girl so much - if it weren't for her updates, you'd REALLY have to start wondering where in the world I was! lol). I really do mean to write about our trip - preferably before some other catastrophic vacation occurs. One is planned for the end of July, so I'm running out of time...but I shall TRY to relate my many adventures to you as soon as I get 5 hours to write them all out.:-)

    Alright, Geometry is practically SCREAMING at me now, so I'd better go back to epic sufferage. Take care, and I love you tons!


  4. See, Sarah? I really DO read your blog! Told you! I just don't always comment. So, do you actually read mine, hmmmmm???? ;^)

    I think it's time to plan another trip to Mochis. I would imagine that Brian is ready for you to come back!

  5. Hey -

    I so forgot to tell you! I moved my blog (25th move in the last year and a half, or something like that) and I am a brand new person! I am now THE COSMOPOLITAN. Sound like me? (Thanks, I KNEW you would agree with me!:-)So my new address is - that's where I'll be posting all my new stuff. I'm also looking into starting a photography blog - if that ever officially happens, I'll let you know about it:-)

    Love you exuberantly,


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