Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hey, me again. We/I arrived safely. The first leg of the journey was, for me, a new experience. I got to fly in!!! But I’ve got to say, flying is not all it’s cracked up to be. Well, rather than getting you all confused by telling the story all out of order, let’s just start at the beginning. Here it goes!
(sorry, still no pictures)

The last morning at my Grandparents’ house was about like every other day. I got up late ;), ate breakfast and then just sat around until it was time to go to town and do some last minute shopping. That done (btw Grandma bought me three big bags of candy for my trip, yummmmm!!) we went back to the house to pick up Grandpa and my stuff (just as a side note, my bag was packed tighter than I thought was possible. When I checked my bag it weighed 49.5 lb. Talk about close) and headed out toward Kansas city. As a special (as if they hadn’t done enough already), my Grandparents took me out to Olive Garden, my all-time favorite restaurant. In case you want to know I ordered Chicken Scampi… I know, I know, not all that interesting. Anyway, on with the story. On the drive to KC I read a book I had brought and, by and by, we arrived at the airport. Since we’d gotten there an hour or so early we had some time to kill. We walked around a bit and then sat down and waited… and waited…and waited. Finally! It was time to board. I was kind of nervously excited as I walked through the corridor leading on to the plane. I chose a window seat (which I recommend for anyone who’s planning on traveling) and waited… and waited… and waited… tired of waiting yet? I sure was. Well, I’m not sure how long it was (felt like hours) but eventually we were off. Take-off was everything I’d been told. You know what it reminded me of? You know, when you’re driving on the road and you suddenly drop down, like a small hill? That’s what it felt like. For some reason it gave a wild desire to giggle uncontrollably. It took a serious effort not to do so. I ended up sitting next to a middle-aged woman, and I actually got to share some with her. By her accounts she’s a Christian. But the Bible says that actions speak louder than words, and her actions were not saying what she’d claimed. I hope, for her sake, that she was telling the truth.

Two hours after take-off we came into the Las Vegas airport. But man, for how hot it was outside it was freezing inside. And I’d forgotten to bring a jacket. I had a three and a half hour layover there before my next flight (it wasn’t to depart until 9:45 p.m.). I didn’t really do much. Everything was overpriced. I mean, I went to Burger King to buy a soda and ended up spending $3 for a medium, no refill! What’s that about? They wouldn’t even let me take my water onto the plane.
My second flight was much more enjoyable. I got onto a row by myself and I was seated behind two adorable little girls who had obviously been traveling wayyyy too long. Now, some of you might want to know how that would be enjoyable, but if you knew me and how much I love children, you wouldn’t be surprised at all! As I was getting off the plane, the father of the children said something that made up for all the discomfort and lack of sleep. As I was passing by their seat I commented that he had beautiful girls. He said thank you and then thanked me for keeping them entertained during part of the flight. I said it had been my pleasure, and then he said that I must be a Christian because only a Christain would have such a beautiful personality. I told him that I most definitely was and then I had to move. But, I guess that’s another example of actions speaking louder than words!

Now we get to the part where I see my family again. Since I got into Tucson so late the airport was nearly deserted and it was fairly easy to find my parents (who, btw, had just gotten there. Perfect timing :) . Anyway, so as not to bore you any more than you already are, I'll just tell you that we arrived to the house they were staying without any problems. The next day we left late, drove a lot more than I would have liked and arrived home around 11 p.m. Richard (our pastor) was there to meet us (as were the mosquitos) and after a quick goodbye we all headed off to bed. And, that's about it. So, here we are in Mexico!
Time to let you go (finally!!). But... Before you go,

  • God provided a new airconditioning system for our car
  • God provided new tires for our car
  • There were no problems at our house while we were gone.
  • We didn't get stopped at the border. Praise God!
  • God provided places for my family to stay the entire time they were in Tucson
  • We had a wonderful trip and, though it's hot, we're finally home!!

Prayer requests!!!

  • That our financial needs would be met
  • For our house in Oregon to sell
  • Continued peace in our home
  • A continual increase of faith in my life
  • For my friends around the world!!!
  • For the young girls group I've been put in charge of, that God would give me the words to say and the wisdom to lead these girls

Thanks guys!! May God bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you! In Christ~


  1. I'm so glad your travels were safe and sound, and you had a nice time visiting. :)

    I'm so glad for your praise reports as well. God is faithful, isn't he?


  2. Hello! I received your comment on my blog! Thanks for visiting! I always love new visits like you! Stop by again, and I'll try to do the same! :D Thanks again!

    P.S. Do you actually live in Mexico?


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