Monday, August 18, 2008

Here I am (again)

Me again!! Just in case you were wondering. Yes, I'm still here. Life has been going pretty normally (then again, what's normal?). This week I had a chance to play the guitar for our church service. I should be more specific. I had a chance to play by myself. Quite an experience! I think I still prefer playing the piano, but the guitar is definately my first alterative! Anyway, the service went fairly well. I was a little nervous so there were a few mess-ups, but not anything worth mentioning. I must say, however, that when the service ended my fingers hurt realllyyyy bad. I almost cried on the last song (laugh if you dare!).
As of right now, it's hot and I'm tired of sweating. Unfortunately, the only thing I can do to avoid it is sit in front of the fan and do nothing. But, even if my disposition allowed me to do that, you can't avoid the daily routine (you know, wash laundry, wash dishes, clean the living room, etc...). So, I sweat. It does make you appreciate a good shower though!
What else? Oh, I know. This last Sunday we went to our sister church for their evening service. It was really nice to see everyone again. Unfortunately (I love that word, it seems to spell misfortune. I would use it all the time except for the fact that my Mom has drilled me to much on writing good paragraphs), I was very tired and I actually fell asleep in my chair during the music service! I felt really bad and I was mostly just hoping that no one had noticed. I don't think they did...?
Well, reading back over what I wrote I think I sound tired and kind of silly, but there you guys have it! I hope I didn't bore you too horribly much. God bless you guys and have a nice day. I'm going to try and put up some new pictures soon.
I Christ~

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  1. I didn't think your post was boring! Sometimes it's neat to just get a little peek into someone's everyday life! :D

    So you play guitar and piano? I have taken piano lessons so I know a little. My brother is an awesome pianist - he's really got talent (not to brag! lol :P). He also plays organ and guitar. I LOVE the guitar, but I don't play! :D So anyways! That is really neat!

    Also, I just HAD to comment on your weather because today HERE in California, the weather is just AWESOME! I am loving the weather today - a sort of "autumn-ish" weather - sunny, but not too hot and breezy! It's SOOOOO nice - we have been having some hot weather here too so this is really nice for a change! Hope it blows your way! :D comment is so long! sorry! lol. :P Have a great week! :D


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