Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Restoration Life mission team

You know, I just realized that I totally spaced on writing about the team that came right before we left for the States. Be it because it was hectic that week or because of the heat, I was flaky. So, without adieu, I will fill you in a little. I'm not going to write a lot about it. Only a few things. My Mom wrote a huge post on this. If you want to read it click HERE.

About a month ago we had a mission team come from Sacremento to help us with some building projects and did some outreaches. We were basically on our feet all week. Long days, late nights and early mornings. Still, it was worth it! I made some great friends and I believe we were all able to encourage eachother in our walks with Christ. During the time the team was here I was able to experience some of the weight of leadership. It was difficult. It made me appreciate all the efforts leaders put in to directing there teams and making sure everything goes through without a problem. I felt pulled in a thousand directions once or twice (or perhaps better said whenever someone needed a translator), but it was a wonderful week. Even though I didn't once get enough sleep and no of us really got a break, I felt more spiritually alive than I had in a quite awhile. Or should I say that because I had no spare time for the devil to use, the time was all God's!

Also while the team was here I had a chance to translate some testimonies. I was kind of nervous, but God gave me grace and I only made a few minor mistakes. I'm learning!!! Now I just have to get to the point where I can do it in French! lol :^)

One of the main outreaches we did was a VBS at the church. We had an average of about 30 kids each day. We were expecting a lot more, but I was thankful we had so few. With only a limited number of translators it would have been more stressful. As it was, it went very well.

Their last night here we went down to the beach with them and most of the Mexicans from our church. It was neat to spend theat last night hanging out with everyone. When we got back to the apartment where we were staying, some of the youth and I decided to try and stay up all night. Needless to say we didn't make it very long. Everyone started to fall asleep! I was the last one though. I think I would have been able to make it if they hadn't all gone to sleep. I'm kind of a night person, but not at all a morning person! Unfortunatelly, because I went to bed so late, I didn't wake up when they left. ;( Amazing, huh? Even with the noise of 15 people moving bags and shutting doors! Oh well.

Well, I hope you guys are now a little more enlightedned. And for anyone from the team who is reading this, we miss you guys and we're praying for you! Come back soon!

God bless you and guide all your ways!
In Christ~

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