Friday, November 7, 2008

He's Back!!

Finally, Dad is back!!

Thanks to God's protection, my Dad is now home and safe! He had a wonderful and blessed trip and was able to bless and encourage family members and friends. It's great to be with him again. Last night after he arrived at the bus station we took him out for Tacos at our favorite restaurant. It was kind of a special because we don't eat out very often (the effect of having a big family ;) ). We all talked ourselves hoarse about the things that we had done and heard in his absence. You should have heard us! We turned quite a number of heads in our excitement.
I am VERY glad that he is back!

Today was pretty much unpacking and hanging around the house. Right at this moment my little sis is play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the piano while my Dad is messing on the new harmonica someone gave him. They are quite a duo! LOL! I love my family!
My Mom is making Pudding for us, yummmm :P, my brothers are playing with a new ship game called "Pirates of the Crimson Coast" that my Dad brought back with him from the States (I'm glad that they finally have it, it's all they have been talking about for the past two weeks!) and I'm here, on the computer, trying to finish up fast and get back to the piano :)! All in all we are kind of a dull bunch! Not to worry, I'm sure that things will start getting exciting soon enough!

So, I'm now going to get off of the computer and pass it to my Mom. She has some stuff to do before it's dinner time! Catch you guys later! Have a great and blessed day!
In Christ~


  1. Aww yay for you and the others! I can see you're excited!!! :)

    Have a great week!

  2. that is great! I am glad he was safe! :)
    Word Racer is fun. Its on Yahoo. Its really fun when I get my Mama and Aunt and Grandma all together. :)
    Miss Amanda

  3. Oh, that is great that your dad is back safe and sound! Glad he had a good trip!

    Btw . . . the new black and white pix of your family on the side are really cute! :D


  4. Hey Sarah,

    Thanks for the update about your dad getting home safely. It was so good to see him when he came through our town, and Ryan had a wonderful time driving him down to Roseburg. He really misses your dad, he is a good friend. Well anyways, I'm glad you're all back together again. It will be great to see your whole family again the next time you all come up for a visit. God bless you!



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