Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's Play a game!

Well, I honestly don't play a ton of different games. I kind of tend to get into a groove and I will only play one or two different games for the longest time before I switch again. As a homeschooler I probably have more time than the average girl my age, but even then I do get too busy to play. Still, I believe that everyone should make time for their siblings and friends doing something other than watching a movie (a sad tradition in the American culture that is hard to break). So, when I do, these are the games that I can be talked into playing:

Scrabble -- I love this game!! My Mom and I play it all the time. She usually beats me, but recently I have actually been able to beat her a few times in a row! WOW! This game is great because it teaches you good spelling and creativity... Some of the words that my Mom and I come up with while playing could be classified as very creative ;) !

Boggle -- Also a favorite of mine. I like this game because it is very short and provides fun for any number of people. Lots of times it can get very boring when you are stuck playing one game for hours on end. This game allows for easy entrance and exit.

Killer Bunnies -- Now this is my FAVORITE game ever! Don't be daunted by the title, it is a lot of fun! We (my brothers and I) will play this about 3 times a week and sometimes more (that's a lot for me). Honestly, it does not teach much (unless you mean reading and understanding the instructions). Well, I guess it teaches people to get along, that is definitely a + !

Risk -- I'd say that everyone probably knows what the game Risk is. I could say that it teaches strategy, but it really doesn't, I could also say that it teaches geography, but it really doesn't do that either. So, what does it teach? Um, good question?

Set -- This is a matching game. I really enjoy playing it. It is not a game you want to play when you are tired!

10 days in the USA -- This a great geographical game. It teaches locations, populations and capitals of all of the US states. They also have this game for Europe, Mexico, Australia and various others. A lot of fun, and you can learn at the same time!

Anyway, that is my list. Some of them are educational and others are...well... not :D! But all of them cause better relationships with my family and friends! And that is a +++++!


  1. I've never played those except for boggle and scrabble. lol We have risk but just never played it!

  2. Neat games. Haven't heard of some of them though. They sounds like fun.

    Hope you enjoyed GGM! We always have such a great time putting it together.

    No one made my cake. Dad bought it from Kroger.
    Thanks for your sweet comments!
    Prayers and Blessings,
    Miss Amanda

  3. I'll tell you what Risk teaches---how to love thy neighbor! This game has been a source of conflict, patience, and other character traits that need work. It tends to bring out the worst in my boys--who are very competitive, as am I. It sometimes ends up being better to hand them the CD version of the game to play by themselves. I try to avoid this game. I first played it back in 1973 when I was in college and I did enjoy it so much!

  4. We LOVE SET! Addicting isn't it!

  5. Oooh! I love Scrabble too! One of my favorite games is Chess. My dad taught it to me when I was young, and I have loved it ever since!

    And it's funny, because we have A LOT of other games, and we hardly ever play them! :) lol Just weird.

    ~ Kira

  6. I have played Scrabble before (I think!) and that's really fun .... hmmm....I think it's scrabble. ya. but anyways. some other fun ones are "Catch Phrase" (awesome game) and "Worst Case Scenario"....those are pretty fun too! Hope you are doing good. Sorry I haven't left a comment for ages! :P Love, prayers & HUGS! lol. :D

  7. Good list. The only one of those we don't have is Killer Bunnies, I'll have to try that one.

    For "10 days", if you want to add to the learning experience, the winner has to name something that they'll do in each state. "I'll get some cheese in Wisconsin, tip cows in Indiana, and visit Mount Rushmore in South Dakota."

    Try out TransAmerica/TransEuropa - my mother in law plays them and enjoys them (she's usually hard to get playing anything more complex than Uno), and I do to (and I usually won't play anything simpler than Risk). Like 10 days, it teaches geography.

    Settlers of Catan is another favorite. It teaches statistics and combinatorics, if you think too much.

    Apples to Apples can be a good one if you pull out anything age-inappropriate. Add custom cards for people you've learned about in history. When a kid pulls out someone/something they haven't heard of before ("Who's Richard Nixon?"), that gives you a chance to give a sound byte describing him.


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