Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Voting begins at the HSBA

Hey all! I have recently entered my name into a contest for "Best Cyber-Buddy Blogger 2008". I would greatly appreciate your vote if you would be willing to give it! Voting ends November 21st, so hurry up before time runs out! To read voting rules click HERE.

These are the various blogs (family and friends) that are entered in Home School Blog Awards. Click on the links below if you would like to vote:

My blog: Go Therefore And Be Light

Caleb's blog: Boom Box

Mom(Rebecca)'s blog: Beautiful Feet

Our Family blog: The Coult Family

A great girls' blog: Feelin' Feminine

A great Christian online girls' magazine: Growing in Grace Magazine (GGM)


  1. :) Voted for ya! I didn't know that was your brother in there, my brother's is on the road to manhood. :P

  2. Thanks for the offer but I already have you on my Google reader:) But if you like I can put your email in so you can get email updates for my blog. If so you know what to do:)

  3. Well, I voted for ya! :D Hope ya win, but even if ya don't we still think you're great! :D You would win in OURS! lol. :P

    Cute pix of your siblings! Do you enjoy having a big family? I have two siblings and I am very thankful for my great fam! :D

    Have a great week! ((HUGS))

  4. I saw on Jocelyn's blog that live in OR. So do I! Where in this wonderful state do you live?

  5. I've been seeing your link on many other blogs so I thought I would see what you're about. ^_^

    Wonderful blog, I hope you win the award. -_^

    Miss Toria

  6. Hey I left you a comment back on my blog! :D ((HUGS))


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