Monday, May 25, 2009

Days keep coming and going

Hello all! I have my own computer!!! Can you believe it?!?! I don't yet! It's not new by a long shot, but I should get at least a year out of it! It used to be my Mom's, but this last trip to the US God provided the money for my Mom to get a new one, so... here I am with the one she just happened to have as an extra. ;D

Lots of stuff has been happening in the last few days. First and formost, God is STILL good ALL THE TIME! But also, an opportunity has come for me to go to Los Mochis for a week and a half to help out at a deaf school run by some friends of ours. This has been in my thoughts and desire for serveral months now and it's exciting to finally see it happening!
We met the directors of the school about a month ago through some friends of our whose daughter works at the school full-time. We planned a trip out to visit the school and I just fell in love with it at first sight! I am sure that it won't be the easiest thing that I have ever tackled, but what is worthwhile is rarely easy! I will be leaving here (Las Glorias) on Sunday, so keep me in yor prayers!

Yesterday we had a group of "muchachas" (young ladies) over to our house to swim and have lunch with us. Most of the girls were Christians, but there was one, Julia by name, who was not. If you feel lead, please pray that God would be working in her life and bringing her into a relationship with Him.
As far as the day goes, it was very hot, but I suppose that it could have been worse. I came down with something of a cold, and today I have this lovely cough. Oh joy! :(

Today is just a run-of-the-mill day (other than the fact that I finally got my computer! YAY!). Oh yeah, I forgot, our cat had her kittens... in my brother's bed! He wasn't too happy about that! I don't personally like new-born kittens, but I supose for kittens they are fairly cute. I prefer them when they are just old enough to start jumping out of the box!

Okay, I will talk to you all later! Leave me a comment!


  1. Yeah for kittens! Not the part about the bed though. Our cat just had kittens too and the kids kept playing with them so she moved them... twice!

    Glad to hear about the computer, it's great when we can see God working in the 'little things' as well as the big.

    Your Sister,

  2. Working at the deaf school will be interesting. Do you know sign language? Great to hear what's happening for you :) I might not comment often, but I do read your blog regularly! The Lord bless you as you seek to serve Him!

  3. ah, I know what you mean Sarah! I find myself in the same situation! :)

  4. Wow that is awesome about you being able to go to that deaf school! So repeating the question above, do you know sign language yet? I'm sure you've already probably told me and I've forgotten. That is so neat though! :D

    Kittens in your bro's bed - haha - that's funny! I guess animals pick random places. Our dog wouldn't whelp in the little place we had set up for her - she ended up having her pups in a corner of our garden! :P

    Hope you are feeling better soon! I had a touch of a cold or something last week so I'm with ya! Will be praying you feel better soon!

    Love ya~!

  5. sorry, I forgot to answer all of your questions. I do not know sign language yet, but it's my next big challenge!!!

  6. Looks like a cool blog. I just found you via twitter. :)

    Computers are fun. ;) :)

  7. I didn't realize before that you got your own computer! That is awesome! :)


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