Monday, May 4, 2009

Food for thought

Ugh, I have been sick for a week! I detest colds and sicknesses of all kinds... but especially colds! Still, I suppose one cannot be healthy all the time; life just isn't like that!

Since I have been sick I haven't been doing much. Just hanging out in my house. I don't really know what to write about, but I figured that I might as well write as not, seeing as you all would be wondering what I have been up to.

I did do one NEW thing this week. I got a Facebook account... well, to be more honest, I have HAD a FB account, but I hadn't been on it for more than a year. Now, however, I am planning to keep in touch with all of you "facebookers"!

I have spent most of today reading Anne of Green Gables. I have always loved those books... they make me laugh uproariously, sigh longingly and even cry (once or twice ;) ). I will be sitting on our couch reading and then, suddenly, I will burst out laughing for no apparent reason. I think that my brothers think that I am insane... still, I do like the books!

It seems amazing to me how one moment can change you view on life. Waking up in the morning you look on the day with dread thinking of all the things that you would rather be doing than what you have to do, and the next you are having a marvelous time playing Twister with all your friends! One moment you feel like time drags and you aren't doing anything worthwhile and the next you are so busy doing worthwhile things that you don't have a moment to catch your breath!

I remember a little over a year ago I was going through a tough time and I kept praying to God asking for a change... I didn't really care what the change was, so long as it was a change. I was really unhappy and felt as though I wasn't doing much for God where I was. I promised God that if He was to give me something, anything, I would serve Him with all of my heart. That's when God reminded me of something. He said (not audibly, mind you, but He DID say it),
"I want to give you big challenges and even bigger dreams, but if you aren't content living for Me NOW, where you are, you will never be content in any of the places I would send you."

So, I stood up and walked on, trying to live to the best of my ability NOW, in the present, knowing that no matter where God will send me, it is enough! Isn't it so wonderful that we have a God who loves us despite of our deficiencies!!!

I am rambling, aren't I? Oh well, I suppose that's how I am... I can't help it! I do so like to just write... it's very... how could I put it... relieving. You should try it sometime. Just take a pen and piece of paper and write whatever God puts on your heart!


  1. Hello Sarah!

    I really like your blog! It's great!♥

    I love Anne of Green Gables! Yes, they can be very funny! I love to read, anything really.

    ~Hannah Paige♥

  2. '"...if you aren't content living for Me NOW, where you are, you will never be content in any of the places I would send you."'

    Absolutely, God has been telling me theh same thing lately. I have to be faithful in the small things first before He can give me more.

    Great blog, I found you through the Rebelution, but I thought I ought to say 'hi' or something before checking your blog all the time.


    Blessings, Miss Jordan Elizabeth

  3. Hello Sarah!♥

    I would love for you to enter in my giveaway!

    No, I got the background for my blog of of Aqua Poppy Designs.☻ My header, was made at My mama made it for me.♥

    ~Hannah Paige♥

  4. Wow! Good thoughts that you brought ... and so true! It's so easy to think "if only had THIS...", "if only I could go HERE", "I just want THIS so badly..." ..... sighs! lol. We have to learn to work and be content right where God has placed us - not that we don't ever want to be more and better for Him, but that we are willing to stay put if that's what He wants of us and do it with a good attitude! That can be very hard sometimes!!! And it IS so amazing how things can change .... within a year or a few months .... dramatic things can happen. Within even a few minutes....your whole life can be changed forever! Just like in my post "Remember When It Rained.." But God knows. Oh, may we be strive to ever be content with His will and trust Him in it all! He sees things that we don't see and He knows! He is caring for us! God bless your week! ((HUGS))

  5. Sarah Jean,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I appreciate it. I love meeting new people too, especially Christians who share so many of the same interests.

    See you around! (kind of)
    Jordan Elizabeth


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