Thursday, October 23, 2008

10+ facts about me!

Ha Ha, I've been meaning to do this all week!! I signed up for this at Homeschool Blog Awards. if you would like to sign up also click HERE.

10 Facts (or maybe one or two more) about ME!

  • I love animals!!
  • My favorite type of cake is cheesecake
  • I love eggs with broccoli
  • One of my favorite passtimes is playing the piano or my guitar
  • I have 10 pair of high-heels and I never wear them (note to self: get rid of them)
  • One of my best friends is someone I've never actaully met
  • I live in Mexico but I'm learning French
  • I speak Spanish
  • I really, really like to read, but sometimes it's a stumbling block for me
  • My favorite book is "Pride and Prejudice" and I like anything by Jane Austen
  • I don't watch TV
  • I have 4 brothers and one sister and I love them to death!
  • I HATE mosquitos with a venom!
  • I tend to speak without thinking and then regret it immediately
  • I prefer to stay at home than to always be out and about
  • I want to go to a Bible school next year
  • I really don't like school, but I love languages
  • I'm a Christian, but I prefer the title "follower of Christ"
  • I believe that the Great Commission Matthew 28:18-20 was meant literally
  • I believe in anything the Bible says, if you can prove it with valid Biblical truth I'll believe you
  • I make friends very easily because of my outgoing personality
  • I am a full out reckless Christian and I want to give God the glory in EVERYTHING that I do!


  1. I love cheesecake too! Not sure my favourite (maybe after chocolate!). :)

    And I prefer Follower of Christ too! I think "Christian" has been given a bad name by those who are more concerned about what the world is doing rather than Christ.

    It was fun reading your 10 (er more) things!

  2. Those were a lot of random things and fun to read too! It's always fun to read things that people just write about themselves and their daily life! Hope you and your family are doing good! :D

    Sending my hugs & love across the miles to you! =)

  3. I LOVE cheesecake! :)
    I love Jane Austen too haha!
    thank you for the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day!
    Miss Amanda


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