Tuesday, October 14, 2008

General Update

Well, these last few days were rather interesting. We had a hurricane hit us (not too bad, thank you, God!!) and our power was out for three days (not fun either). The hurricane started out as a level 4 with 100 mph winds and expected rain. We were all rather worried at the prospect, but thanks to God's grace by the time it hit us it was a level 2 with only 60 mph winds. Where we are the wind never reached a steady 60 mph but rather came in gusts... I'm not sure which is worse. We lost a good number of the shingles off our roof and we lost the power when one of the transformers shorted... all in all, it was kind of an interesting night. The next day we called the power company and they sent out a few guys to fix the transformer. Unfortunatelly, they had to send for a part and we were told that they wouldn't be able to get us power until the following day. Sigh. That meant that we would be spending another night in the dark and... NO FANS!! Now, for most of you living in the States, right about now the last thing that you would want to do is sleep with a fan. But here, it's a different story. With a fan is about the only way you CAN sleep. So, we all spent a night playing musical beds. Everyone was trying to find a place comfortable enough to sleep in. I finally ended up going to sleep at about 12 a.m. on the couch. I payed for it in the morning!! My back was soooooo sore!
True to their word, the power company had us back online the next day... at 5:30 in the evening!! Oh well, we do live in Mexico after all! Along with the hurricane came the cool weather, but not until AFTER we had gotten the power back, that's just how these things work!
As of right now, it is 9:15 a.m. 82* 62% humidity, and I feel like wearing a sweater and thick socks (it's that much cooler than it has been). It's hard to imagine a winter in Oregon (that was our previous home).... burrrrrr! freeeezzzzzzing!
anyhoooo.... I hope you have a great day and may blessings and peace reign in your heart and home!
In Christ~

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  1. Thank you for your comment!

    Wow! I'm glad you weren't hit hard - praise God!

    You can create your own signature by going to: http://www.mylivesignature.com/

    Well, I gotta go! Have a great day!



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