Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My new signature!

Thanks to Kira for the site URL. I was thinking that I would have to make it myself in photoshop.
What do ya think? I decided that I would go by "Miss" since that is the circle I generally hang around. Besides, it sounds nice. Miss Sarah Jean. I am hereby changing my blogger name from "Mexican Redhead" to this:


  1. Very nice Miss Sarah Jean! :) Love the font and very pretty.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Secular music... *lip quivers* I don't mind writing on this stuff it's just the doodle-heads who I'll have to debate afterwards, which takes time! LOL I write a little bit on that here http://aponderingheart.com/blog/?p=383 and got a bunch of "what about..." about comments. :-/ I know where I stand and I believe (and why) it's just takes a while to type it all out intelligently!

  2. You're welcome :)

    Your signature looks very nice!

    ~ Kira

  3. Cute signature! I want to do one ... does it take a special program to make or ...?

    Glad you are safe from the hurricane! I know how it is having no power! :P I don't know if you guys are on a well or not? But we are and when the power goes out, not only do all lights and appliances go out, but our well is run on electricity - thus, no water. No showers, sinks, toilets... but ya, we survive. :P

    Love & Prayers ~ Felecia

  4. Hello!

    It's nice to meet you! I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to reply to your comment! My life has been a bit busy for the past little while. Lots of things have slipped... like piano practice... uh-oh. :-)

    Thank you for your offer to help me with Spanish if I ever need it! I probably will. *smile*

    Your signature is very pretty! :-)


  5. Hi, Darlin'!

    I always liked "Sarah Jean". Maybe that's why we named you that! ;^)

    BTW, I'm nominating you for the Best Live-What-You-Believe Blog. I'm proud of you -- and of the company you keep!

    Te quiero mucho, mija!

  6. :) Well, you HAVE been a good cyber-buddy and the only one I could think of! I haven't heard anything else for other nominees in this category, but I hope you win!


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